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Something for every lifestyle

From modern to sophisticated to country style, Marché has something to suit all tastes. Our general brand, with hundreds of furniture items and home accessories. Designed in Japan and made with technology from all over Japan and Asia, this collection combines functionality and beauty, quality and convenience in a huge range of products.

About Our Series
  • emo. emo.

    With its luxurious American walnut wood and understated mid-century style, Emo. is a much-loved series. These timeless designs will fit with any decor, and the classic style will inspire a feeling of nostalgia.

  • ine ine

    The white furniture in the Ine series is set off by gold handles for an antique feel. Voilà – a feminine atmosphere straight out of Paris. And with its simple designs, your Ine furniture will never look out of place.

  • ponyta ponyta

    Enjoy a touch of country living with these designs made from natural pine. With its compact size, Ponyta is ideal for those living alone. Finished with natural, non-toxic paint.

  • was was

    Standard designs with the individuality of natural wood patterns – each piece is one of a kind. Made from a wood blending technique used for fine wood furniture and wooden altars, Was combines the core of pure pine wood with natural walnut wood. Made with the utmost care for the ultimate luxury.

  • anthem anthem

    The combination of wood and steel will lend a stylish, lighthearted touch to any room. Made to store your things in a way that showcases them rather than hides them, this is the perfect place to display your favourite knick-knacks in a tidy way.

  • E・Toko E・Toko

    Create an environment that will nurture young minds. E-Toko creates a study space in the dining room – it’s so much easier to concentrate on homework in a family atmosphere with Mum close by. From ergonomically designed chairs to desks and a wide range of other items, E-Toko has everything you need to set up a space in your dining room that will make your kids want to do their homework. Only the safest materials are used – every item is made from materials with a four-star JAS rating (F☆☆☆☆).

  • E・ko E・ko

    This functional and attractive kids’ series is made with the utmost attention to safety. Only the safest materials are used, including paint that passes the European SGS standard. E-ko products are also made with the environment in mind: we’re conserving resources by making pieces you and your kids will treasure for a long time.

  • na-kids na-kids

    Whether they’re drawing with their friends, studying alone or helping Mum tidy up, NaKIDS has something to make that time extra special. These simple and natural designs are made from natural wood for a texture that’s gentle on kids.