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Everything you need to put your home together. Here you’ll find an extensive range of top quality designs made from highly certified materials (four-star JAS rating: F☆☆☆☆) arranged beautifully to create timely home environments right here in our showroom. We’ve even teamed up with house designers to develop eco-furniture that promotes protection and growth of forests.

About Our Series
Monbetsu no MoriMonbetsu no Mori

~From the forests of Monbetsu, for the children and families of the future~ To improve the growth and health of the trees in a forest, young trees are removed to “thin” the forest. These trees used to end up as firewood or wood chips for the local people. Then we wondered if we could give them a longer life, as furniture. Enter the Monbetsu no Mori series.
It took five years of trial and error with advice from wood experts, but these young trees now bring a new sense of purity and life to our rich, natural wood furniture. This is our effort for the children and families of the future.